Thermenregion - Lower AUstria



The Neuburger grows in the inclined vineyard “Katzbühel”, a site close to the “Anninger” hill overlooking Gumpoldskirchen.Der

Shell-limestone and loamy-gravely subsoils provide excellent conditions for complex wines.

With different winemaking methods we work out various, different characters of this exciting varietal.


Leithagebirge - Burgenland


Leithagebirge (Mörbisch & Sankt Georgen)

Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon und Zweigelt for our Rosé, the basic wines for the sparklings wines and our red wines grow till the vintage 2018 in Mörbisch, close to the Hungarian border and the Neusiedler Lake.

Starting from the harvest 2018 we will focus on our new location on the “Hochberg” in St. Georgen, close to Burgenland-capital Eisenstadt.

Part shell-limestone, partT primary rock, the south-east facing hill offers optimal conditions for our Blaufränkisch. We are very much looking forward to be able to display the minerality of that special terroir in our wines.