The Journey Of The Heroes

One is a wine-enthusiast who moves to Gumpoldskirchen, a well-known wine area in Lower Austria. The other one spends his summers surrounded by the Viennese Vineyards.

While attending the “One-Year Winemaker Course” the two wine-impassioned heroes got to know each other and they decided to apply their newfound knowledge practically after finishing the course.

They would conquer their first vineyards in Mörbisch, Burgenland, in 2015. From that time on the varietals Blaufränkisch and Cabernet Sauvignon were part of the family. The heroes expoloited the beautiful vintage of 2015 to bring with full euphoria the first harvest to the cellar. While the first wine rested in the barrel, the opportunity popped up to enlarge the product range with Neuburger. Neuburger - what?

The autochtonous - so region-typical, local - varietal, is decreasingly planted because the lovely Neuburger grape is difficult in the vineyard, and has an uncommon flavour profile. But at the same time it has big potential - a perfect case for the heroes: to work out that potential.

The heroes are convinced, that there is space for varietals like Neuburger, outside of the mainstream and independent of trends and fashions.

In the meantime, our protagonists worked instensively on their visual representation, and spent long nights creating drafts for logos, bottles, boxing and labels. They built alliances with kindred spirits to send their enological achievements out in the wide world.

With the vintage 2018 they have the possibility to move even closer to the Leithagebirge, and they are happy to be able to vinify a tremendous location for Blaufränkisch. Therefore the heroes will say - full of expectation - bye bye to Mörbisch, the place where it all began.

We stick to our motto, and will face with each vintage fearlessly the new tasks and challenges in the vineyards. or the cellar. If its spontanously fermented wine or the vinification of Rosé, beginning from 2018 there will be also bottle-fermented sparkling wine.

Stay tuned when we will perform extraordinary acts.